Black Jacket Symphony presents Prince’s “Purple Rain”

Black Jacket Symphony presents Prince’s “Purple Rain”

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tickets: $25, $30, $35

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The PREMIER REALTY GROUP LEGENDS SERIES presents Black Jacket Symphony

Remember putting on an album and listening from start to finish? Relive that moment with a live concert experience unlike any other as The Black Jacket Symphony recreates a select classic album live in its entirety—note for note, sound for sound—as they present Prince’s “Purple Rain” plus Prince’s greatest hits including our favorites “When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” and “I Would Die For You.” Over the past ten years, the Black Jacket Symphony has performed over 35 classic rock albums, bringing an incredible night of entertainment to over a million music lovers across the US. It’s a full night of rock and roll magic—plus a visual experience unlike any other. Fans across the country flock to their shows—and once you see one, you won’t miss another!





  • 191 Court Square
  • Huntingdon, Tennessee 38344
  • (731) 986-2100